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Software Development

Give your business an Edge with picture perfect solutions.

Many times packaged software and solutions do not meet the expectations of the end user, landing the IT heads of businesses to make internal systems and custom solutions.

It may be small integration with existing software or complete solution from scratch, Kamla Enterprises has been helping various customers across the globe achieve that extra edge by designing and delivering solutions tailored specifically as per the needs of our customers.

Kamla Enterprises has experience in space of delivering custom solutions of not just business but also national importance to its customers.

Website Design

The biggest challenge in website creation is striking the right chord with the target audience; every time. At Kamla Enterprises, we do just that!

Accessibility, Compatibility, Navigability, Readability and Usability are the inherent ‘abilities’ of every website built by us. Colours, fonts, high-end technologies like Ajax, CSS, Flash, PHP, .Net, XML, XHTML, etc., are routine affairs at the Kamla Enterprises Designers’ Bay.

What really gets us going is an idea… designed for maximum impact. When coupled with our enthusiasm and creative ingenuity, even the simplest of ideas end up as GREAT websites.

Be it comprehensive corporate profiles, lucrative e-commerce websites and portals, or highly-interactive, Web 2.0-based sites, we make websites for all genres.

Software QA & Testing

Creating asymmetric Advantages through Software Product Engineering & Innovation Excellencce................

Quality assurance and testing are two of the most critical components to maintaining a competitive edge. We believe that proactive QA is the key to cost savings, decreased risks and successful software projects.

MLM Software Testing With three world-class testing centers around the globe, Dibon offers a comprehensive range of independent testing and Quality Assurance (QA) consulting services that adhere to the highest levels of security, integration and industry standard processes. Using our dedicated testing labs, QA expertise and team flexibility, we are able to increase the quality of our clients' products while reducing time-to-market, management risks and operating costs.

Internet Marketing

High Rankings. Higher Visibility. Maximum Growth.

We can get you pre-qualified visitors using highly cost efficient, ethical practices. Kamla Enterprises Interactive Marketing division, comprises a team of young, dynamic consultants who can create Internet marketing campaigns to guide you through search engine guidelines and marketing gimmicks on the web.

Search Engine Optimization

At Kamla Enterprises, we present a potent combination of ethical SEO techniques and cost-effective campaign management to get your business desired e-visibility. In essence, when users search for products/services related to your business on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., we ensure they find your website amongst the highest rankings.

Mobile Application

Give your business an Edge with picture perfect solutions.

As mobile technology keeps the customers stay connected for almost all the time, enterprises are moving beyond the desktop world to keep attuned to their customers need and by making significant advancements in the mobile space.

Mobile Software Development It’s no secret that the popularity of mobile devices has boomed in the past few years. Not only have mobile devices exploded, but the access these devices have to the internet is growing every day.

Providers are offering faster mobile internet access and smartphones with real internet browsers that have beefy functionality continue to grow in popularity.

E-Commerce Solutions

We help you discover the power of KISS – Keeping it Simple; Stupid!

eCommerce solutions simply means a web application needed by online merchants to setup and operate their money transactions online.

This enables an easy and quick setup of online store if hired services from an experienced solution provider. e-Commerce solution not only facilitates buying or selling of merchandise online but also facilitates online buying of subscription for services and media sources.

eCommerce solution helps streamline your Internet business processes and leverage your knowledge. An assured solution to e-Commerce business, like the ones by Kamla Enterprises, helps in extending your reach and thus improves your business performances.